High gloss, light weight marker boards

EGR MarkerLite™ ultra high gloss surfaces are suitable for use as writing display boards in conjunction with “Liquid Chalk Markers.” The MarkerLite™ panels are suitable for all semi-permanent writing applications around the home, office, educational or institutional applications.

MarkerLite™ panels are high gloss polymer markerboards, can be installed in seconds with no drilling and are available in a wide range of sizes, applications and designer colours.

Key features include :
  • Looks like back painted glass
  • Light weight: ½ the weight of glass & traditional porcelainized steel white boards
  • Sleek frame-less thin design that gives a floating appearance
  • 20x impact strength of glass
  • Hygienic
  • Easy installation compatible using readily available fixing
  • Colour and UV stable
  • Proprietary fused co-extruded optical grade polymer sheet
  • Multiple sizes and thickness available
  • Broad range of designer colours and patterns with custom options available
  • Frame-less design eliminates buildup of marker dust on edges
  • Safe bull nosed edges and radiused corners are user friendly
  • Multiple surface finishes available
Existing and custom range of colours and patterns available.
markerlite small markerboad
A4 Gloss Noteboard
markerlite markerboad colours
Multiple Sizes and Thickness Available
pweter markerlite markerboad
teak markerlite markerboad
Sienna Teak
Testimonials for Markerlite from UTC Media City Manchester UK

Alex, the new Markerlite board in our office is FAB! We weren’t so sure about the glacier colour at first as the marker pens didn’t seem to stand out as much as it did on our white board, but with some decent marker pens the cool glacier look is much easier on the eyes from a visual stress point of view. I like the size as we can get our calendar on and extra activities and events coming up over the term. We are much more organised in terms of planning , dates, staffing and knowing who’s in and out of the building. I feel the design was easy to fit and looks much more high tech than a plain white board. The whole office now use this board to add in their schedules and it makes our office look pretty.

Jude Evetts
Marketing and Communications Manager

The new Markerlite board in our office has become the main focus of our day to ensure its up to date, the new colour really stands out on the wall and grabs the attention of visitors showing off what we do in the college, the larger size and sleek thin design looks smart on the plain white wall. With more space, we can add extra information!

James Moores
Digital Marketing, PR & Admissions Assistant

The Markerlite boards have made the office look more professional and helped us get organised as a team. Everyone knows where everybody is at all time. The sleek finish makes it look so much better than the traditional white boards.

Lynne Loughnan
Careers and Information Advisor

The Markerlite boards have just been brilliant in the office. The stylish design looks so much more professional then a traditional white board, the larger size means more information can go onto the board and when you use the board as often as we do that size makes all the difference. I was a little unsure of the glacier colour at first but now comparing it to other white boards it is so much easier on your eyes and really reduces the visual stress of normal whiteboards. The easy clean feature is the real highlight, where most other whiteboards leave smears and ghosting the Markerlite board wipes clean in one wipe with no residue even on pen marks left on for weeks at a time. We are loving our Markerlite board.

Alex Kelly
Post 16 Study Programme Lead